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The Muscles of My Heart


A Lite-Hearted Tale Dealing With the Physical & Emotional Lifestyle

Changes Needed To Avoid a Heart Attack or a Reoccurrence



Price:  $2.99


The key to a healthy lifestyle, and therefore to life itself, lies in having an aggressive preventative plan built upon understanding far more of the body than just the all-important muscles of the heart.


This tale offers a purposeful perspective for other survivors, and those seeking to avoid a future heart attack. The author introduces an innovative, tailored Stress Alleviation program that addresses heart attack risks not covered by standard medication, diet, and exercise programs.


Additionally, stress emanating from today’s Interactive Society is extensively covered, as is the mortality issue.


The author proactively intertwines his personal heart attack and recovery experience with his evolved holistic perspective of the operation of the entire body fueled by the heart-managed “Energy Utility”. It is a perspective that places a fundamentally different coloration on formulating an attitude in favor of embracing a balanced heart healthy lifestyle.



ISBN  978-0-9638649-7-0

Copyright © 2011 Thomas A Polizzi, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

About the cover:

Until one experiences a cardio vascular incident, one may not be fully aware that much of the actionable care and feeding of our heart is in our own hands. This book is about one person’s journey to successfully take charge of the care of the muscles of his heart. 




Chapter Table-of-Contents




1    A Clean, New Awakening


2    Heart Mechanics 101  & 

       Cholesterol Arterial Warfare 

       on the Heart


3    Lifestyle-setting Attitude  

      Perspective: The Energy

      Utility for All Cells                                                      

4    Remainder of the  Hospital

      Experience –

      Questioning Attack  Causes       


5    Hospital Orders on Medication,  

      Diet, &  Exercise                                                            

6    At Home With A  MuscleCare

      Nursing   Specialist                                                     

7    An Accidental Stress Test


8    First Follow-up Visit                                     

9    Cardio Rehab                                                 

10   Devising A Stress  Alleviation

       Program  -- The    Missing

      Third  Prong of  a  Heart

      Healthy Lifestyle                                                          

11   Good News from Dr Benjamin                                                                      

12   Primary Care Wrap-up


13   The Scarred Muscles of 

        Dick Cheney                                                                

14    On Mortality & God of The


15    Ode To The Medics


16     A Stressful Interactive Society


17    Politics & Our Hearts                                    

18     Optimum Age To Start A 

         Calcified & Soft Plaque-free



19       Fini Remarks & Medication



20     Lifestyle Calendar Guide


21     Exercise Guideline Summary


22     Diet Guideline Summary


23     Stress Guideline Summary


          Glossary –  Whimsical 

          Definitions of Serious Terms


         About Tom Polizzi                     



Below: The Muscles of My Heart Prologue in its entirety.





“Time is Muscle!”


I was in no condition to comprehend what the man who said that was talking about. I was barely aware that I was in a hospital ER, that a young man with an engaging personality ministered to me in the ambulance that brought me to the hospital, that I had no recollection of how or why I was put in the ambulance, and that I had a frighteningly enormous desire to go to sleep.


I learned later that the man concerned about muscle was a cardiologist who, at the time when he made the declaration, had just reviewed the results of tests confirming that I had a blockage in a major artery that, until it was removed, would cause progressive destruction of heart muscle. Fortunately, at that point, the possibility of the heart attack being complicated by a stroke was ruled out. 


Surprisingly, I didn’t even know the difference between a heart attack and a stroke. I do now, and thank God I just had a heart attack. Yes, “just” is the operative word, for with the absence of incurring a stroke, the full functioning of my brain was never at risk. But the serious open question at that time was just how much damage my heart muscles would suffer before the blockage was removed. And that would translate into how greatly impaired would be my life  – provided I survived the unblocking procedure. 


Thanks to the swift action of my wife in calling 911, the actions of the ambulance medic, and the quick action of the cardiologist and ER staff, the damage to my heart’s muscle not only was minimal, but as it turned out, was caught soon enough so that the muscle, in time, was able to mostly repair itself. I now know precisely why “time is muscle” when it comes to the affairs of the heart. I also now know how a vital fuel of life, oxygen, is introduced into the heart, and delivered with UPS logistical efficiency throughout the body.


Mine is a happy tale that ends successfully – at least, hopefully, for a few more decades. A most optimistic expectation because of the lifestyle changes I made both before and after the heart attack. Changes that were easy to make because they were accompanied with a purposefully constructive mindset. Thus, believe it or not, while it took a number of twists and turns, I now relish and enjoy my new and improved heart healthy lifestyle.  


While I feel compelled to tell my tale, and tell it with almost irreverent flippancy, it is not particularly to talk about “how to” balance heart (life) safety with competing lifestyle options (health-challenging temptations). While I’ll adequately cover that, the value of the tale lies in the addition of a third prong element to the diet and exercise regimens that define a heart healthy lifestyle. In the telling of my own story, I introduce an innovative, individually-tailored Stress Alleviation program that addresses heart attack risks not covered by diet and exercise programs alone. Also addressed in separate chapters are the stresses created by the creative destruction that produced our current Interactive Society, and the political tribulations of the times.  The result is a complete “how-to” story of how one man lived through his repairing-of-the-heart and mind experience -- from the time the cardiologist inserted himself into my heart through my groin, to near the time when I am expected to be able to give up my dependence on Plavix to mitigate another attack.


Some disturbing aspects concerning heart attack risks are discussed with candor, but so are the aggressive preventative measures that can mitigate triggering these risks. In this tale, such measures are interwoven with a tale of my heart attack event itself, and the process of dealing with the physical and emotional damage aftermath. It is a tale that includes how the support I received from my medical team, family, friends and casual acquaintances literally brought me back to a vibrant life beyond the medical sense, and in the process allowed me to achieve a living of life far more focused than before. A tale that includes how, for the first time, I was obliged to acknowledge my own mortality. In that context, I promise you a surprising recitation. One that calls upon scientific developments built upon Einstein’s achievements, along with the work of a renowned artistic producer, to bolster the argument for the existence of a monotheistic God.  Fear not, there is no proselytizing, and the case for the existence of God is restricted to one chapter. But recognizing and dealing with critical heart-endangering stress is dealt with throughout the book.







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